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Our stories have the power to influence legislators and let them know that protecting family building options is critical.

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Your story and experiences can have an impact on proposed legislation and help remove harmful stigmas associated with infertility and family building options.

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If you needed to pursue medical treatments like IVF to build your family,
how has it changed your life?

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Sharing our experiences with one another can help remove harmful stigmas associated with infertility and family building options.

We are honored to receive and share the experiences of the family building community. Be sure to visit this page often to learn more about why protecting family building options is so important.

Featured Video Story

“IVF is not elective. It’s not something cosmetic.”

After seven pregnancy losses, Elizabeth M. turned to an infertility specialist. But with reproductive care now in the hands of states, she is concerned about the future of IVF in her home state of Arizona. She shares her experience and is calling on lawmakers to protect the critical care so many need to start their families.

Featured Written Story

Jacqueline M. from Michigan shares her story about her ectopic pregnancy and how access to reproductive care not only saved her life but protected her future fertility:

“Words cannot express the heartbreak of finding out the pregnancy we had desperately wanted for 18 months was ectopic and not viable. I cannot imagine how it would have felt to live through the grief of my ectopic pregnancy while having to push for access to the medication that would save my fallopian tube and my life. Because I live in a state where I was able to receive treatment immediately, my chances at becoming a mother in the future are still high. My only worry is that by the time we have exhausted all other options and IVF is the only option left for us to bring life into this world, that option could be gone.”

“To me, access to reproductive healthcare is the pro-life perspective. Pro my life, and pro the lives of my (hopeful) future children. If I had not had immediate access to a medically necessary abortion, my future fertility and even my life would have been in danger. I am so thankful that between my ectopic and now, voters in my state approved a constitutional provision upholding the right to reproductive care, a right that before then was in immediate danger of being struck down. I feel lucky that my hopes to become a mom, and even the safety of my life, are not in nearly as much danger as those who are trying to conceive in some other states.”

It is difficult to imagine the devastation and helplessness that restricted access to abortion and IVF can have.