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We can’t do this work alone. In order for state lawmakers to truly understand the urgency to protect all family building options, we need your voice to raise awareness.

A Note from RESOLVE’s President

We are in an unprecedented moment the future of reproductive rights and access to IVF is at grave risk. Since the Dobbs decision, RESOLVE has been on the front lines fighting against state bills that would deny access to in-vitro fertilization – critical healthcare that countless helpful parents need to have a baby. Alabama’s recent state Supreme Court’s decision that defined embryos as children paused IVF in the state, wreaking emotional and financial havoc on Alabamians and terrifying families across the country. We are concerned about other states following suit. This is why it is critical that we remain vigilant to ensure that IVF remains accessible and legal.

The resources below contain easy-to-use tools that will empower you to join Fight For Families — no matter where you are in the country. We encourage you to share your story, engage your networks and demand that your elected officials make it easier, not harder, for families to have babies and fulfill their dreams.

RESOLVE is proud to partner with you in this all-important fight for families. Thank you for your commitment to protecting access to IVF and please let us know if you need any additional assistance from our team.

Barbara Collura President/CEO

Sample Social Media Posts

Share these drafted messages on your preferred social media platforms and help us fight back against all efforts to limit IVF and reproductive care.

Be sure to follow the hashtag #FightForFamilies to join the conversation.

Pre-written Posts for Facebook and Instagram

Caption: For millions of Americans, a baby is their most precious and longed-for dream. But in the absence of federal protections, IVF could become inaccessible, unaffordable, and out of reach for those who need it. #FightForFamilies

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Caption: Most Americans - 85 percent of adults - are in support of increasing access to fertility treatments. Legislators must do all they can to make it easier, not harder, for people to build their families. #FightForFamilies

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Caption: Legislators have the power to protect IVF, and we need to make sure legislators hear our voices loud and clear. Join @resolveorg’s #FightForFamilies campaign to learn more about the threats to IVF:

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Downloadable Toolkit Resources

We can’t win this fight without your help. We invite you to explore the RESOLVE Fight For Families Toolkit and advocate for the family building community. From sending a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper to sharing an informational one-pager with someone in your community, there are many ways to use your voice. We can’t wait for restrictive laws to be proposed. It’s time to Fight for Families.

Talking Points and Messaging

This suggested language can help you have conversations with friends, family, colleagues, and community members to share what’s at risk and invite others to join the fight.

Federal Legislative Information

Use the messaging here, to let your state legislators know the importance of protecting IVF.


Writing an op-ed is an opportunity to share why protecting IVF is imperative, while merging opinion with factual information.

Letters To The Editor (LTE)

Use this guide to write an LTE which is a response to a recent news article that introduces information relevant to the Fight for Families.


Interested in drafting an op-ed or LTE, review the following templates to get started.


Use this guide to share relevant and concise information about RESOLVE and the Fight For Families campaign.

Full Toolkit

Want everything in one place? Have all these resources in one place by downloading the complete toolkit document.

Media Resources

As we continue to Fight For Families, we are ensuring our message is spread far and wide. Visit our media resources section to view press releases, statements, and news clips that are lifting up this critical work.

For media inquiries, please contact Lena Haime

General News
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Read more about how RESOLVE is Fighting For Families.

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Read more about RESOLVE’s positions and statements in the Fight For Families.

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State Legislation Resources

Learn more about proposed restrictive legislation and what reproductive health care may be at risk.

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